A Year in Review

I know its very late for this but a lot of thought needed to be put into it.

My first season as a newbie Triathlete...TriGeek. First, thanks to all the
support from my fellow bloggers/
triathletes and the podcasts: GYGO! (Get Your Geek On) and SimplyStu. You guys make workouts fun and entertaining.

Coming from a competative background (nothing professional) I have resparked the flame that working out used to bring me. I used to be on the highschool water polo and swim team. Then after those practices I went to martial arts training. Many moons later I'm married, still working on my continuing education (got my BA, but working towards a Masters), and 70 lbs over weight. Being, what I first thought was a derogitory class, a "Clydsdale" has had me dredding any tight clothing. But after years of wearing a speedo, board short just didn't cut it. But I didn't want people throwing up in the pool so the long jammers had to do. Then I had to wear more tights with my bike gear.

Note: I don't know if I ever posted but my ride has a name..."Petra" (A character out of a favorite book of mine Ender's Game).

Everyone out there has been great. I know that I can be a bit...sarcastic. Kahuna, sorry for rip'n on your stroke on the New Years Tri but Robo made me do it. By the way, I never got to see the video from that day.

For my first season (which I enclude my first tri, which makes it over a year) I did:

Hermosa Beach Sprint (Tri)

GYGO New Years Day Tri (Tri)

Bonellie Tri Express Series #1 (Tri)

Played on the 210 Freeway (Bike Ride)

Almost everyone I met on the coarses were excited, enthusiastic, encouraging, and inexplicably nice. Something I'm not accustomed to. Hey, who hasn't been burned. But the triathletes have given me a renewed hope that not everyone is an ass.

The sport of triathlon has given me something new to obsess about. There are so many aspects to working out, nutrition, racing, preparation, equipment, that this should keep me interested for a while.

I've gone over and over this post...re-editing it. But I finally took out all the crap and whittled it down to this: Thanks to everyone out there keeping me honest to my word, thanks to the asses on race day that keep me chasing even when I have nothing left, thanks to Mrs. TV for not going insane with the constant chlorine and sweat smells that radiate from my gym bag, thanks to my uncle for getting me to sign up for my first triathlon (even though he didn't, good story, you should look to my races and read up on my first), thanks to GYGO and Simply Stu podcast for getting me through workouts (the problem is that now I want to listen when I swim so I have to find a waterproof MP3 case), and thank you to myself (without me the word would be a little sadder) ahahaha, I mean I'm glad I've stuck with it so long and have been able to make sooooo many friends.


Cliff said...


Oh yeah..triathlon can take a long long time to be good way :)..lots of learning and lots of fun.

And we will either smell like sweat or like chlorine =D..but that's ok...glad u enjoy ur first year to triathlon.

Zippy said...

You mentioned on my 'blog it's hard to find bikes in "our" size. No way, man, small frames are the ones that go on sale after everything else has already been sold! :D

Kewl Nitrox said...

Wow, has it been more than a year already? Time flies when you are having fun. :-)

Hey, when you get a chance to update your blog, update my link will ya? http://life-2-d-full.blogspot.com/

Kris said...

Congratulations on a successful year both athletically and academically. You should be proud of yourself!

SixTwoThree said...

Dude where have you been? Injured, sick, sick of tri? Come on man, time to get your mojo back!!

Miss you :-)