Okay, 1 Step Back...Just wait till the leap Forward

The Good:
Mrs. TV went swimming with me last night at Bally's. I love seeing all the haters, guys staring, girls glaring. She's beautiful, sexy, smart, and.....mine, for now. At least until she gets her senses together. But I'm going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts (which according to the vows, till death, hers or mine, which ever comes first).

The Bad:
So yesterday was a 1 mile run during my lunch break and a 500 yrd swim after work (which is late). I need to start waking up earlier to work out. Maybe I'll take up my new friend Whitney (from meetup.com - Go Inland Tri Group) and run in the mornings with her. Need to look at T3 (calender) again and work things in.

The Ugly:
So my official weigh in for the Quadrathon Weightloss Challenge is +2 lbs. Yeah, you heard, I gained 2 pounds. Its okay. It give other an opportunity to bask in achievement before I obliterate the standings. [hey, who knew that trash talking to be so much fun]. Look who's talking, back on the high school basketball court, I would have talked down to Kobie. So enjoy your brief glory people and prepare for your demise.

Side Note: We finally got our TV hooked up to cable after a 1.5 year hiatus. Olympics here.we.come.

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