Long Time No See

Okay people don't you know that you have to remind me to post. Its not that I don't love all of you. I actually read most of your stuff using Google Reader (I love that thing!). Talk about being off the radar. Jeez I leave this thing alone for a while and all these crap post/ads are all over the place.
Well a lot has happened during my absence. Not much relating to Triathlon unfortunately but that will change.
Mrs. TV and I have moved to Pasadena, CA! Damn tasty restaurants!
Had a workup done at the doctors and guess what? All this extra weight I'm carrying around is bad for me. Who'da thunk?
I have fat IN my liver, I got an ear infection from jumping into the pool for the first time in a long time, and according to the doc I don't have any "healthy" fat.
So that's the gist.
To those in Nevada, I'll be celebrating my 5 Year Wedding Anniversary in Vegas Baby! A little fun for the wify and I. She took some time off and we'll be there for a week. Penn & Teller here we come.

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gabriela said...

Keep on Try-ing !!! Great job!