Cooling in the Cooler

I love when the weather gets cooler. That means less people in the outdoor pool at the gym. No matter that the water is heated people just don't go as often. Yay!!! more room for me.

(in case you're wondering, no its not me)

Great swim workout last night. 1750 yards (about a mile) in 40:20. That breaks down to a 2:18 per 100 yard pace. Not bad. I wasn't really pushing it. There is a 2.7 open water swim happening this Sunday that I want to be apart of. Depends on when it starts, if I can get a carpool, and what time they will be back. We'll see.

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Sara Cox Landolt said...

An open lane in the pool is always a good thing! No outdoor swimming in Wisconsin though. We may have flurries tomorrow night...