Day at the Beach Redux

Another one bits the dust. Now we all have goals. And it is usually to do better than what we did before. This was no exception. So begins another Day at the Beach Triathlon in Hermosa Beach. I did, however, have one more goal in mind for this event. Every triathlon I've done so far my right calve has cramped. This is definitely something I would not like to repeat.

This year it was a trio of participants. My dad, my uncle, and myself. A little history, my uncle got my to do my first event 2 years ago (this event actually) but didn't sign up in time and I got stuck doing it by myself. So now was the time to bond through fire.

The swim was not the warm 67 degrees it was the week before. Based on the previous week I thought to myself, this is nice and warm "I don't need a wetsuit." Famous last words. The water was cold but thank goodness that the sand was freezing and my feet froze before I hit the water. Coming in at 16:08.2 it was a few minutes slower than the last time but this time I didn't feel like passing out as soon as I dragged my body onto the sand. And I did run most of the way to transition.

(I know its not pretty)

I am losing weight. I just keep in might what my final before and after pictures will look like. If I'm lucky, they might look as kick ass as Wes's. T1 was a little faster this time at 4:32.4.

As far as the bike, well lets just say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

(Dad, Uncle, TriVortex)

Is that a smile on my face??? yes, yes it is and yes I referred to myself in the third person. ooo dad? Are you okay? lol! Bike time reporting in at 43:16.5. I switched pedals for this event and decided not to go with the clips. It felt great not having to worry about changing shoes but as far as pictures go. It just doesn't look triathlon-ish. And T2 was done in 2:09.3.

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I hate it and I love when its over. I did feel the cramp coming the whole run but I just walked when it got bad to keep it at bay. No cramps = nice finish and an overall great time.

Run - 45:22 (one minute faster than last time!)

Grand total time was 1:51:28.3. Not exactly blazingly fast but crossing with a smile will definitely due for now ;-)


ShirleyPerly said...

Love that photo of you on the bike!! And I think that's so cool that your dad and uncle were doing the race too. Keep up the training and things will get easier on the run. The same has happened for me on the swim, which used to be my menace. Great report!

Stef said...

Congratulations!!! Great race, great report -- I love the photos of your dad, uncle and you side by side.

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- and YES I agree with Shirley the run will get easier with time and practice.

SAQ - Speed • Agility • Quickness said...

great, real reporting. I miss hermosa and my friends so much..

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